Just Another Day

the sun sets on the day

just another day really

nothing special happened

nothing out of the ordinary

a day like any other day

except it wasn’t

to her

it was a horrendous day

couldn’t have been worse

nothing could have

made this day

any more


than it was already

even though nothing happened

nothing special

nothing different

nothing extraordinary

just another day

but on this day

she wanted to die

she wanted to die so terribly

that she could feel it in her bones

she could feel it in each strand of hair

from the top of her head

to the tips of her toes

the desire to die

was so strong

it was consuming her every waking moment

the thoughts of how and when

and who would find her

how they would react

who she wants to have her things

who to apologize to beforehand

and who to say sorry to in her note

who would cry when they found out

and who would just be angry

these thoughts keep bouncing

in and out

‘round and ‘round

all over the place

all the time

she worries about her friends

and the people she’ll be

leaving behind

but they aren’t enough

to keep her soul firmly planted

within her body and her brain

she worries that they will hate her

for what she has done

and never forgive her

but it’s something that must be done

she is past the point of no return

she is too miserable to keep going

too tired to keep fighting

too worn to keep trying

the fight is over

this day will be her end


~Emily Love

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